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Jonathan is the Marketing/eCommerce Manager for Home Controls, the premier national distributor for the most comprehensive and unique home automation systems.

Bright Combination: Decora LED Sensor Guide Lights

September 14, 2009

Home Controls is proud to introduce Leviton‘s new LED Guide Light series that combine the aesthetic of Decora wiring devices with energy-saving LEDs that automatically light up in dark areas for a winning combination! The new products include a Full Guide Light, Switch/Guide Light and Tamper Resistant Receptacle/Guide Light. They are energy » Read More

Home Controls Now Selling Chief Mounts!

August 10, 2009

Home Controls is excited to announce the addition of Chief Flat Panel & Projector Mounts to our product selection. These products  are in stock and ready to ship! Today, home entertainment is playing a much larger role in high-end construction projects. Home entertainment is no longer restricted to watching a favorite family program in the » Read More

Best Seller: X10 Wireless Control Kit

June 10, 2009

This prepackaged RF remote and transceiver kit is the perfect solution to wireless control of your X10 lighting and appliance control system. Issue X10 commands from your couch, kitchen, back yard or anywhere within 100-feet of a plug-in Base Transceiver with this 8-button RF Wireless Remote. The handheld remote is powered by 4 AAA Alkaline » Read More

Opera Winfrey Promotes Programmable Thermostats

April 24, 2009

Making your home environmentally friendly doesn’t have to mean installing expensive solar panels or undergoing major renovations. Eco-living expert Simran Sethi – appearing on the Opera Winfrey Show this week– says simply swapping out some daily household items can help you save hundreds each year! “Money is essential right » Read More

Add Video Games As An Installation Feature

February 6, 2009

As designers and installers of home automation and networking products, a lot of our dealers work with Home Theater systems — in addition to distributed video, whole home audio and networking. These are almost standard services. A new feature you should add to your list of services is gaming. Yes, video games. For those of you who are » Read More

Quality IR Remote Control System Components

February 5, 2009

In today’s fast paced world anything that saves time is welcomed. Remote control consumer electronic devices have become indispensable and infrared remote control is the standard. A simple IR remote control system made from the components below will effortlessly and reliably control audio, video, and home automation equipment from anywhere in » Read More