11 Best Dumb (Non-Smart) TVs In 2023

In a world overflowing with smart gadgets and cutting-edge technology, sometimes the allure of simplicity is exactly what we need. The timeless charm of a dumb non-smart TV is hard to resist, offering a pure viewing experience free from complex features.

As we venture into 2023, we’ve meticulously compiled a list of the 11 best dumb non-smart TVs, carefully balancing affordability, durability, and exceptional visual performance. Join us as we explore the realm of distraction-free television enjoyment, guided by the quest for the best dumb non-smart TV.

Sceptre 65″ 4K Ultra HD (Editor’s Choice!)

The Perfect Dumb TV

  • Superior Visuals: Immerse in vibrant visuals, enhancing your favorite shows and movies.
  • Budget-Friendly: Enjoy affordable 4K quality, ideal for budget-conscious seniors.
  • Effortless Setup: Quick and easy installation, suitable for all tech levels.
  • Reliable Construction: Sturdy build ensures lasting entertainment enjoyment.

What Are The Best Dumb (Non smart) TVs You Can buy in 2023

1. Sceptre 65″ 4K Ultra HD

Best Dumb (Non smart) TV - Sceptre


Discover the perfect blend of simplicity and visual excellence with the Sceptre 65″ 4K Ultra HD LED TV. Designed to deliver crisp, bright images and hassle-free entertainment, this 2018 model is a true standout for seniors seeking a top-tier viewing experience minus the complexities of smart features.


  • High Resolution 3840 x 2160: Immerse yourself in stunning 4K clarity, ensuring that every scene is vibrant and lifelike.
  • HDMI 2.0 & HDCP 2.2: Connect effortlessly to your favorite devices while enjoying high-quality video and audio.
  • MEMC 120 (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation): Smooth out fast-moving sequences for an enhanced viewing experience.
  • UHD Upscaling: Transform lower resolution content into near-4K quality, upgrading your entertainment across the board.
  • Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL): Seamlessly connect your compatible devices to the TV, expanding your entertainment options.

Price: $625


  • Excellent Picture Quality: Immerse yourself in sharp and vivid visuals, bringing your favorite shows and movies to life.
  • Affordable: Experience 4K excellence without breaking the bank, making it an attractive option for seniors on a budget.
  • Simple Setup: Setting up this TV is a breeze, even for those less tech-savvy.
  • Durable Build: The sturdy construction ensures a reliable and long-lasting entertainment solution.


  • Limited Sound Quality: Some users have noted that the built-in speakers could be improved for a more immersive audio experience.
  • Basic Remote: While functional, the included remote might lack some advanced features, prompting users to consider universal remotes.
  • No Smart Features: This TV is designed for those who prioritize simplicity, but for those who enjoy smart functionalities, an external streaming device may be necessary.

The Sceptre 65″ 4K Ultra HD LED TV strikes the perfect balance for seniors seeking superb picture quality and straightforward functionality. Its affordable price, along with its impressive features, makes it an excellent choice for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity in modern entertainment. Discover the joy of a distraction-free viewing experience with this exceptional non-smart TV option.

2. LG LCD TV 24″ 1080p Full HD

Best Dumb (Non smart) TV - LG


Experience crystal-clear visuals and streamlined simplicity with the LG LCD TV 24. Designed to deliver an immersive viewing experience without the complexities of smart features, this 24-inch TV is perfect for those who prioritize great image quality in a compact form.


  • Exceptional Picture Quality: Immerse yourself in lifelike visuals thanks to the 1080p Full HD display, powered by LG’s Triple XD Engine. Enjoy natural color expression and deeper contrasts, resulting in stunning and vivid images.
  • LED Backlighting: LG’s LED backlighting technology ensures exceptional brightness and image clarity. The vibrant colors and deep blacks contribute to a visually captivating experience, while LED technology also enhances energy efficiency compared to traditional LCD monitors.
  • Sleek Design: The TV’s black finish and compact dimensions of 21.9″W x 2.1″H x 13.6″D without stand make it a stylish and unobtrusive addition to any space.
  • Simple Setup: The TV comes with a controller and user manual, making setup a breeze. With screen size measuring 23.6″, it’s a perfect fit for smaller spaces.
  • Multiple Inputs: Connect your devices effortlessly with the available inputs, including one (ATSC) RF In (Antenna/Cable) and one HDMI port.

Price: $179


  • Clear and Vibrant Visuals: Enjoy high-quality picture and color reproduction, making your favorite content truly come to life.
  • Effortless Setup: With a user-friendly manual and included controller, setting up this TV is quick and easy.
  • Compact Design: Its compact size and sleek design allow you to place this TV in various spaces, from bedrooms to kitchens, without taking up too much room.
  • Energy Efficiency: LED backlighting not only improves image quality but also conserves energy, making it an environmentally conscious choice.
  • Value for Money: Experience top-notch picture quality without the added complexity of smart features.


  • Limited Smart Functionality: If you’re seeking built-in smart features for streaming or online connectivity, this TV may not meet your requirements.
  • Audio Quality: Some users may find that the audio quality doesn’t match the impressive picture quality. Consider additional audio solutions for an immersive sound experience.

3. Komodo by Sceptre 50″ 4K

Best Dumb (Non smart) TV - KOMODO


Elevate your television experience with the Komodo by Sceptre 50″ 4K UHD Ultra Slim LED TV. Combining stunning visual quality with user-friendly simplicity, this non-smart TV offers a refreshing escape from complex features, making it an excellent choice for those seeking uncomplicated entertainment.


  • Memc 120 (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation): Enjoy seamless action sequences with the advanced MEMC 120 technology, ensuring smooth transitions between frames for a captivating viewing experience.
  • Superior 4K Picture: Immerse yourself in the world of vibrant colors, striking contrasts, and intricate image details, all brought to life by the 4K resolution (3840 x 2160). With 8 million pixels, this TV delivers superior picture quality that’s four times sharper than a 1080P Full HDTV.
  • HDCP 2.2: Ensure secure content transmission with HDCP 2.2, safeguarding the transfer of copyrighted 4K content from source to display.
  • UHD Upscaling: Elevate your video content to near-4K quality with UHD upscaling. Experience enhanced picture quality for standard definition (SD), high definition (HD), and full high definition (FHD) content, rejuvenating the colors of older movies and TV shows.
  • Consumer Electronics Control (CEC): Take control of HDMI-connected devices using just one remote. This feature streamlines your entertainment experience, making access to audio content through ARC and CEC more convenient.

Price: $625


  • Captivating Visuals: Immerse yourself in sharp and vivid images, showcasing the intricate details and vivid colors of your favorite content.
  • Effortless Setup: Setting up this TV is hassle-free, even for those less familiar with technology.
  • Future-Proof Design: Compliant with HDCP 2.2, this TV is ready to support secure 4K content transmission, ensuring your entertainment needs are met for years to come.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Connect various devices effortlessly, thanks to the built-in HDMI and other input options.
  • Distraction-Free Entertainment: Say goodbye to the complexities of smart features and embrace a simplified entertainment experience.


  • Audio Quality: Some users have noted that the built-in speakers may not deliver the best audio experience. Consider external audio solutions for a more immersive sound.
  • Limited Audio Output Options: The audio output options may require additional setup and accessories, which could be a consideration for those seeking straightforward audio connectivity.
  • Non-Smart Design: This TV lacks smart features, so if you’re looking for streaming apps and online connectivity, you might need external devices.

What is a dumb(Non Smart) TV?

A dumb non-smart TV is a traditional television that doesn’t come with built-in internet connectivity or smart features like app streaming and web browsing.

It’s perfect for folks who simply want to watch their favorite shows and movies without the complexities of apps and online features.

Why Buy a Non-Smart TV?

There are a few good reasons! Dumb non-smart TVs tend to be more affordable since they lack the high-tech smart features. They’re also great for those who prefer using external devices like streaming sticks or game consoles for their online needs.

Plus, they’re often easier to use for those who just want a straightforward TV-watching experience.

Here is a list of reason why you may want to consider buying a non-smart tv:

Reason 1: Simplicity and Cost-Effectiveness:

Non-smart TVs are often more affordable than their smart counterparts. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that provides good picture and sound quality without the bells and whistles of smart features, a non-smart TV could be a great choice.

Reason 2. Longevity and Reliability:

Because non-smart TVs lack the software and internet connectivity of smart TVs, they tend to have a longer lifespan and are less prone to technical glitches. This can mean fewer software updates and a more reliable TV-watching experience over time.

Reason 3. Avoiding Technology Overload:

In today’s tech-filled world, it’s refreshing to have a device that serves a single purpose – to display content.

If you’re not interested in streaming apps, browsing the web, or using various smart features, a non-smart TV keeps things straightforward and focused on enjoying TV shows and movies.

Reason 4. Freedom to Choose External Devices:

With a non-smart TV, you have the freedom to choose your preferred external devices for streaming and other smart features. Whether it’s a Roku, Apple TV, gaming console, or a simple DVD player, you can customize your TV setup to fit your preferences.

Reason 5. Privacy and Security:

Since non-smart TVs lack internet connectivity, they offer increased privacy and security. There’s no need to worry about potential data breaches or unauthorized access to remote control your smart TV features.

Reason 6. Future-Proofing Connectivity:

While smart TV platforms and apps can change over time, a non-smart TV remains consistent in its display capabilities.

As long as you have compatible external devices, you can adapt your TV to new technologies without needing to replace the TV itself.

Reason 7. User-Friendly Experience:

Non-smart TVs often come with simpler remote controls and straightforward interfaces. This can be especially appealing for older adults or those who prefer a TV-watching experience without the complexities of navigating through apps and settings.

In a nutshell, choosing a non-smart TV is all about keeping things uncomplicated, budget-friendly, and focused on enjoying your favorite content.

If you’re not interested in the smart features and want a TV that does its job well without the extra tech fuss, a non-smart TV could be the perfect fit for you.

How to Choose the Best Dumb TV

Here are some simple steps to consider:

1 Size and Space:

Determine the size that suits your room best. Measure the space where you plan to place the TV, and consider factors like viewing distance and room layout.

A TV that’s too large can be overwhelming, while one that’s too small might not provide the immersive experience you’re looking for.

2 Picture Quality:

Look for a TV with good picture quality that suits your preferences. Check for basic features like screen resolution, (Full HD or 4K), brightness, and contrast ratio. If possible, visit a store to see the TV’s display quality in person before making a decision.

3. Brands and Reviews:

Stick to well-known brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic. These brands tend to have a reputation for producing quality TVs.

Read reviews from customers to get an idea of real-world experiences with the TV you’re interested in.

4. Connectivity:

Ensure the TV has enough HDMI ports and other necessary inputs for your devices, such as gaming consoles, DVD players, or sound systems. This will prevent the need for constant cable switching.

5. Refresh Rate:

For smooth motion during fast-paced scenes or sports, consider a TV with a higher refresh rate (usually measured in Hertz, like 60Hz or 120Hz). This can reduce motion blur and make your viewing experience more enjoyable.

6. Audio Quality:

While many people opt for external sound systems, it’s still important to have decent built-in speakers. Look for TVs with good audio quality and consider the option to connect your sound system to external audio devices if needed.

7. Price and Budget:

Set a budget before you start shopping. Dumb TVs are generally more budget-friendly than smart TVs, but prices can still vary based on brand, size, and features. Stick to your budget to find the best TV without overspending.

8. Warranty and Customer Support:

Check the manufacturer’s warranty and customer support options. A reliable warranty can give you peace of mind in case of any issues down the line.

9. Appearance and Design:

Consider the TV’s design and how it fits your aesthetic preferences and room decor. A new TV, that complements your living space can enhance your overall viewing experience.

10. Future Compatibility:

While you’re looking for a non-smart TV, it’s still a good idea to consider future compatibility. Ensure the TV has the necessary ports and features to connect external devices that might become popular in the future.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the best dumb TV that meets your needs and preferences. Happy TV shopping!

What are some benefits of a dumb non-smart TV?

Dumb non-smart TVs have their perks! You’ll likely spend less money upfront compared to a smart TV, and they usually come with a simpler remote control.

You won’t have to worry about software updates or dealing with app compatibility issues either. It’s all about keeping things basic and focused on enjoying your shows and movies.

Can I still watch streaming services on a Non-Smart TV?

Absolutely! Even though a dumb non-smart TV doesn’t have built-in streaming apps, you can still enjoy your favorite streaming services. Just connect a used streaming stick or device like a Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or Google Chromecast to one of the TV’s HDMI ports, and you’re good to go! These devices make it easy to access Netflix, Hulu, and more on your TV.

For alternative solutions, to use smart devices like Roku, here are the best roku projector for your living room.

Dumb TV vs Other TVs

AspectDumb TVSmart TVRegular TV
Internet ConnectivityNoYesNo
Built-in AppsNoYes (Netflix, YouTube, etc.)No
Streaming ServicesExternal Devices NeededBuilt-in AppsExternal Devices Needed
App InstallationNot ApplicableApp Store AccessNot Applicable
Web BrowsingNoYes (Some Models)No
Software UpdatesNot RequiredRegular UpdatesNot Required
PriceGenerally LowerCan Be HigherVaries
User InterfaceSimplifiedApp-Centric InterfaceStandard UI
ComplexityMinimalVarious Features and SettingsMinimal
PrivacyEnhancedPotential Data CollectionEnhanced
LongevityPotentially LongerDepends on Software UpdatesStandard
External DevicesNeeded for StreamingNot NecessaryNeeded for Streaming
CustomizabilityVia External DevicesCustomizableVia External Devices
Entertainment OptionsLimited to Input SourcesWide Range of Apps and ContentLimited to Input Sources

How Long Will a Dumb TV Last?

The lifespan of a dumb TV, like any electronic device, can vary depending on several factors. On average, a well-maintained dumb TV can last around 10 to 15 years or even more. However, there are a few key considerations that can impact its longevity:

1. Build Quality:

TVs from reputable brands with higher build quality tend to last longer. Investing in a TV from a well-known manufacturer can contribute to its durability.

2. Usage:

How often you use the TV and the duration of each use can affect its lifespan. TVs used for many hours each day might have a shorter lifespan compared to those used more sparingly.

3. Environmental Conditions:

The environment in which the TV is placed matters. Excessive heat, humidity, or dust can contribute to wear and tear over time. Ensure proper ventilation and avoid exposing the TV to extreme conditions.

4. Maintenance:

Regular maintenance can extend the life of a TV. Keep the TV clean, avoid blocking ventilation ports, and handle it gently to prevent physical damage.

5. Technological Advancements:

While a dumb TV might function well for its intended purpose, technological advancements can render it outdated over time. Newer TV models might offer improved picture quality, connectivity options, and features that could make you consider upgrading.

6. Component Quality:

The quality of components such as capacitors, power supplies, and internal circuitry can influence the TV’s longevity. Higher-quality components are generally more reliable and durable.

7. Repairability:

Some dumb TVs might be easier to repair due to their simpler design. This could potentially extend their lifespan as repairability becomes more feasible.

It’s important to note that while a dumb TV might not have the software-related concerns of smart TVs, hardware components can still degrade over time. To maximize the lifespan of your TV, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for usage and maintenance, and be prepared to adapt to changes in technology as the years go by.

Wrap up on the best dumb TVs

In a world awash with cutting-edge display technology and smart gadgets, the allure of simplicity remains a steadfast charm. The steadfast appeal of a dumb non-smart TV beckons, offering a pure viewing experience devoid of intricate features. As we navigate the landscape of 2023, we’ve thoughtfully curated a catalog of the 11 finest dumb non-smart TVs. This compilation strikes an equilibrium between affordability, durability, and outstanding visual performance. Join us in venturing into the realm of undistracted television pleasure, driven by the quest for the best dumb non-smart TV.

From the striking Sceptre 65″ 4K Ultra HD LED TV to the compact LG LCD TV 24″, each television on this list is a testament to the charm of straightforward entertainment. The Sceptre model fuses crisp imagery and smooth videos with hassle-free engagement, making it a standout choice for seniors seeking quality minus the intricacies of smart features. Meanwhile, the LG LCD TV 24″ presents viewers with a remarkable visual extravaganza, combining Full HD display with LED backlighting for a captivating experience. Altrnatively seniors who may want the smart features could find the best smart tv for seniors.

In a world where complexity often vies for attention, the wisdom of choosing a non-smart TV reveals itself. These TVs offer the solace of a dedicated viewing medium, free from the distractions of apps and internet connectivity. This choice is a cost-effective one, rendering budget constraints moot without compromising quality. With freedom to pick external devices and an extended lifespan, these TVs are a testament to the beauty of simplicity.

As the years unfold, the future remains bright for dumb non-smart TVs. They stand as stalwarts of unadulterated entertainment, championing a straightforward approach that stands the test of time. For those who seek the clarity of purpose in their TV-watching experience, the world of dumb non-smart TVs is a haven of visual excellence and unfettered enjoyment.


Can I still buy a TV that is not smart?

Yes, non-smart TVs are available for purchase, offering a simple viewing experience without internet connectivity and apps.

What are TVs that are not smart called?

TVs without smart features are often referred to as “dumb” or “non-smart” TVs.

What is the best brand of non smart TV?

Trusted brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic offer quality non-smart TVs for a straightforward viewing experience.

Can a smart TV be made dumb?

Yes, a smart TV can be made “dumb” by disconnecting it from the internet and not using its smart features.

Which TV Is Best Smart or Non Smart?

The choice depends on preference. Non-smart TVs offer simplicity, while smart TVs provide internet connectivity and apps.

What Are the Disadvantages of Smart TV?

Smart TVs can have security and privacy risks due to internet connectivity, potentially exposing personal data.

Are Dumb (Non-Smart) TVs Worth Buying?

Dumb TVs are worth considering for affordability, reliability, and those seeking a focused TV-watching experience without smart features.

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