10 Best Smart Toilets of 2023, Tested by Our Experts

Tired of toilet scrubbing and running out of toilet paper? Meet the game-changer – smart toilets and bidets! Though not as popular in the US, these high-tech commodes are gaining momentum.

With spray-cleansing, air drying, auto-flushing, lid opening, and more, they promise a luxurious bathroom experience. Our experts at Home Controls Blog have rigorously tested and evaluated over 24 models from top brands to help you find the best smart toilet or bidet that suits your needs.

From installation to design, we’ve got you covered. So, if you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom with advanced features and the ultimate convenience, read on to discover the top contenders in the world of smart toilets!

VOVO STYLEMENT TCB (Editor’s Choice!)

The Perfect Smart Toilet

  • Easy Installation: Straightforward Installation
  • Heated Seat, Warm Water and Dryer : The top of the comfort
  • Automatic Dual Flush: Eco-Friendly flushing
  • Wireless Controller: Controls different options from the remote controls : Turbo Wash, feminine wash
  • UV Light Cleaner: For the best hygiene

What Are The Best Smart Toilets In 2023

1. VOVO STYLEMENT TCB-8100BK Smart Toilet

VOVO STYLEMENT TCB-8100BK Best Smart Toilets


Introducing the VOVO STYLEMENT TCB-8100BK Smart Toilet, your ticket to a luxurious bathroom experience!

This state-of-the-art commode combines elegance with cutting-edge technology, making it one of the best smart toilets on the market. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, it offers features like heated seats, customizable bidet settings, and a built-in night light.

Say goodbye to mundane bathroom routines and hello to a more comfortable and hygienic experience with the VOVO STYLEMENT TCB-8100BK Smart Toilet. Elevate your daily routine with this smart toilet’s innovative features and modern design.


  1. Automatic Dual Flush: Say goodbye to manual flushing! Our smart seat sensor automatically selects between a small flush or a full flush, ensuring a hands-free operation. (1.12 GPF / For 35 PSI)
  2. Heated Seat / Warm Water / Warm Air Dryer: Enjoy a premium bidet experience with a heated seat, warm water cleansing, and a gentle warm air dryer. Our self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle guarantees hygiene, while the auto deodorization feature keeps your bathroom fresh.
  3. Wireless Remote Controller / Auto Deodorization: Control the posterior, feminine, and turbo wash functions effortlessly using the smart wireless remote. Plus, our automatic deodorization system adds an extra touch of convenience to your bathroom routine.
  4. Tankless Flushing System: Experience the power of our Tornado wash that thoroughly cleans the inner bowl without using any stale water. Thanks to the direct water supply from the pipe, you get a more efficient and refreshing flush every time.
  5. Eco-Friendly Design: Embrace sustainability with our cUPC and cETLus certified smart toilet. It’s designed to reduce toilet paper and water usage, making your bathroom eco-friendly without compromising on performance.

Price : $1,590.00


  • Excellent Customer Care: The customer had a positive experience with the company’s customer service. They were able to return/exchange the product easily, and the support team provided quick assistance in resolving installation issues.
  • Easy Installation: Despite some issues faced by the customer, the overall installation process was straightforward, and the product comes with quality parts.
  • Automatic Dual Flush: The bidet toilet offers an automatic dual flush feature, saving water usage and promoting eco-friendliness.
  • Heated Seat / Warm Water / Warm Air Dryer: The bidet provides premium bidet features, including a heated seat, warm water cleansing, and a warm air dryer, enhancing user comfort.
  • Wireless Remote Controller: The smart wireless remote offers convenient control over various functions, including posterior, feminine, and turbo wash.
  • Tankless Flushing System: The tornado wash ensures powerful cleaning without using stale water, contributing to a cleaner bowl.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: The smart toilet is certified as eco-friendly, reducing toilet paper and water usage, making it environmentally responsible.
  • UV Light Cleaner and Odor Control Fan: The bidet’s UV light cleaner and odor control fan are additional features that add hygiene and freshness to the bathroom.
  • Quality Customer Service: The company’s customer care is praised for promptly addressing issues and providing knowledgeable support.


  • Lid Not Sturdy: The seat cover is mentioned to be wobbly from just one bumper, and the customer had to add extra bumpers for stability.
  • Plastic Threads Issue: The customer faced an issue with plastic threads on the fill valve shank getting stripped when using a metal T-connector.
  • Instructions in Bad English: Some customers found the instructions in the manual to be poorly translated and difficult to understand.
  • Clunky Controls: The controls on the bidet are described as clunky and having a non-intuitive user interface.
  • Heater Limitation: The bidet’s tankless heating system has limitations in providing warm water for extended usage.
  • Drying Fan Power: The warm air dryer on the bidet is noted to be not very powerful, and drying might take longer.
  • Lid Not Strong Enough: The seat lids are mentioned to be thin and not robust enough to support sitting with the lid closed.
  • LED Bowl Light: While some found the LED bowl light helpful, others did not see much use for it.

2. EPLO Smart Toilet

EPLO one of the best smart toilet


Elevate your bathroom experience with the EPLO Smart Toilet, one of the best smart toilets available!

This cutting-edge commode boasts a sleek and modern design, offering a range of luxurious features like heated seats, personalized bidet settings, and a hands-free lid.

With its user-friendly interface and top-notch technology, the EPLO Smart Toilet brings comfort and convenience to your daily routine. Upgrade your bathroom and enjoy a new level of sophistication with this remarkable smart toilet.

Read Complete Review on Eplo Smart Toilet Reviews: Your Ultimate Guide

Price : $799.99


  1. Minimalist Style: A sleek and modern one-piece design that adds elegance to your bathroom.
  2. Heated Seat: Enjoy a comfortable and cozy experience with the adjustable heated seat.
  3. Nightlight: Built-in LED nightlight provides visibility during nighttime visits.
  4. Deodorization: An integrated deodorization system eliminates unwanted odors.
  5. Instant Warm Water: Enjoy instant and soothing warm water for personal cleansing.
  6. Warm Dryer: Gentle warm air dryer ensures a hands-free and hygienic drying experience.
  7. LED Display: Easy-to-read LED display for convenient control and settings.
  8. Auto Flush: Multiple flushing options, including off-seat flushing, button control, foot sensing, and remote control.
  9. Adjustable Cleansing Wand: Self-cleaning arc wand with adjustable spray shape, position, water pressure, temperature, pulsate, and oscillate functions.
  10. Front and Rear Wash Modes: Offers warm water cleansing in both front and rear wash modes.
  11. Powerful Flushing: Dual siphonic and jet flushing for thorough and efficient cleaning.
  12. ECO Energy Savings Mode: Ensures electricity is never wasted, promoting eco-friendly usage.
  13. Water-saving Option: Choose between full or half flush (1.6GPF/1.1GPF) to save water and reduce costs.
  14. Safety Certified: IAPMO EGS, CUPC, and CEC certified for safety and stability.
  15. 1-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year warranty and prompt customer support.


  • Stylish Design: The EP-E16 smart toilet received praise for its modern and elegant appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the bathroom.
  • Impressive Features: Customers appreciated the various cool features, such as the heated seat, nightlight, bidet functionality, and remote control, which all worked effectively.
  • Easy Installation: Most users found the installation process relatively straightforward, although it required connecting power and swapping a valve, which a plumber can handle.
  • Heating Function: The heated toilet seat was particularly loved, providing comfort during colder seasons.
  • Longer Cleanliness: Multiple customers noticed that the EP-E16 and even another traditional American Standard toilet they installed stayed cleaner for longer periods.
  • Water-Saving Option: The dual flush system (full or half flush) was applauded for its water-saving benefits, helping users save money on water bills.
  • Satisfaction with the Purchase: Many customers expressed their happiness with the product, considering it a good investment and appreciating its value.


  • Bidet Performance: Some users were disappointed with the bidet water stream, finding it less effective compared to other bidet attachments they had in different bathrooms.
  • Need for Toilet Paper: Due to the bidet’s inefficiency, users reported that they had to use toilet paper to finish the cleaning process, which sometimes required multiple flushes.
  • Limited Support Information: A few customers found it challenging to get support or troubleshooting information since the provided contact number was an offshore call center with limited assistance.
  • Limited Air Dryer Reach: The air dryer’s functionality was found to be more effective for the back area and not ideal for the front, requiring alternative drying methods for women.
  • Unclear Cleaning Instructions: Some customers mentioned a lack of clear instructions on how to clean certain parts of the toilet, such as the water streamer.
  • Installation Challenges: While most found installation manageable, a couple of customers experienced issues with mounting and a kinked metal hose during installation.
  • Expensive Purchase: A few users expressed that, considering the price, they expected more detailed documentation and customer support options.

3. WOODBRIDGE B0970S Smart Toilet

Woodbridge one of the best smart toilet


Discover the epitome of bathroom luxury with the WOODBRIDGE B0970S Smart Toilet, hailed as one of the best smart toilets on the market!

This masterpiece of modern design marries elegance with technology, offering features like a heated seat, customizable bidet settings, and a convenient remote control.

Elevate your daily routine with this user-friendly, high-tech marvel that transforms your bathroom into a spa-like oasis. Experience ultimate comfort and hygiene with the WOODBRIDGE B0970S Smart Toilet today!

Read complete Review on Woodbridge b0970s Review – The Ultimate Guide

Price : $942.80

Features :

  1. ADA Compliant Comfort: Chair height design at 17.3 inches offers strain-free sitting and standing.
  2. Multiple Flushing Options: Hands-free flushing with off-seat, button, foot sensing, and remote control operation.
  3. Tankless and Booster Pump: Spacious tankless design uses direct water supply and improves flush performance at low water pressure.
  4. Hygienic Bidet System: Self-cleaning wand with posterior wash, feminine wash, and adjustable water pressure.
  5. Auto Deodorization: Lightless catalyst purifies the air, converting pollutants into harmless water and carbon dioxide.
  6. Instant Warming Comfort: Contoured heated seat and powerful warm air dryer for a cozy experience.
  7. High Efficiency Dual Flush: Quiet and efficient siphonic dual flushing with an average of 1.28 GPF.


  • Effective flushing performance, keeping the bowl clean for longer periods.
  • Heated seat and warm air dryer provide comfortable use, especially during colder seasons.
  • Auto deodorization feature helps maintain a fresh and odor-free bathroom environment.
  • Tankless design and booster pump ensure reliable flushing performance under varying water pressures.
  • ADA compliant chair height offers comfortable seating for all users.


  • Limited flushing options customization; auto flush always performs twice, leading to water wastage.
  • Some users experienced difficulties with installation due to complex in-wall tank mounting.
  • Price variation between Amazon and Woodbridge website can cause dissatisfaction among buyers.
  • Customer service response time for warranty issues has been reported to be slow in some cases.
  • In rare instances, the seat may malfunction and slam down unexpectedly, potentially causing inconvenience and concern.

4. EUROTO Newest Luxury Smart Toilet

Eurototo one of the best smart toilet


Indulge in opulence with the EUROTO Newest Luxury Smart Toilet, undoubtedly one of the best smart toilets available!

This avant-garde masterpiece combines style and innovation, featuring a heated seat, adjustable bidet functions, and a sleek touchscreen control panel.

Elevate your bathroom experience to a whole new level of comfort and convenience. With its cutting-edge technology and modern aesthetics, the EUROTO Luxury Smart Toilet ensures every trip to the restroom is a spa-like experience.

Price: $1,499


  1. Automatic Open/Close Lid: Elegant and modern design with hands-free lid operation.
  2. Automatic Flush: Time-saving and hygienic flush system activates self-cleaning bidet/spray wand.
  3. Foot Kick Sensor: Convenient and touchless experience, specifically designed for male users.
  4. Heated Seat/Warm Water/Warm Air Dryer: Customizable settings for a luxurious and personalized experience.
  5. Remote Control: User-friendly interface for easy adjustment of settings.
  6. Tankless & Instant Water Heating: Enjoy instant warming comfort with heated seat and warm water.
  7. Professional Installation: Ensure proper setup and performance by consulting a licensed plumber.


  • Luxurious and stylish design enhances the overall aesthetics of the bathroom.
  • Automatic lid operation adds a touch of sophistication and convenience.
  • Hands-free flushing and self-cleaning bidet/spray wand ensure proper sanitation.
  • Customizable settings, including water temperature, pressure, and nozzle position, cater to individual preferences.
  • Two user memory settings allow multiple household members to enjoy a personalized experience.
  • Remote control interface simplifies adjustment of smart functionalities.


  • Some users may find the lid closing speed slower compared to manual operation.
  • Professional installation is required, adding potential extra cost to the purchase.
  • Limited information on specific technical specifications and certification may be needed for informed buying decisions.
  • More customer reviews are necessary to assess long-term durability and performance.

What Are Smart toilets

Smart toilets are an exciting innovation in the world of home automation and technology. These modern marvels combine convenience, comfort, and water efficiency, to transform your bathroom experience into one of the best smart toilets available.

At their core, smart toilets are equipped with advanced features that cater to your needs and preferences. One of the key highlights is their hands-free operation, making them more hygienic and reducing the need for physical contact.

They often come with motion sensors that automatically open the lid when you approach and close it when you leave, distinguishing them as some of the best smart toilets on the market.

The bidet function is another fantastic feature of smart toilets. It offers personalized cleansing options with adjustable water pressure and temperature settings, providing a refreshing and gentle cleanse that promotes better hygiene and reduces the reliance on toilet paper. This feature alone makes them some of the best smart toilets available.

Many smart toilets also boast built-in air dryers, saving you the need for paper towels or toilet paper. The heated seats add a touch of luxury, especially during the cold winter months, ensuring a comfortable experience year-round, setting them apart as the best smart toilets for all seasons.

Moreover, these toilets are often equipped with LED lighting, creating a night light and a soothing ambiance for nighttime bathroom visits without the need to turn on bright overhead lights.

The best part is that you can control these features effortlessly using a remote control or smartphone app, allowing you to tailor your bathroom experience to your liking, making them truly the best smart toilets in the market.

As a SmartHome expert, I highly recommend considering a smart toilet to upgrade your bathroom into a modern and intelligent oasis of comfort and convenience. These best smart toilets are a game-changer in bathroom technology and will redefine your daily routines.

What to Look for in Smart Toilets

When it comes to shopping for the best smart toilets, there are some fantastic features you should keep in mind for an enhanced bathroom experience. Let’s explore these features in a friendly tone:

Lighting: Smart toilets often come with cool lighting features to set the right mood. Look for models with ambient lighting like LED options that allow you to adjust colors and intensity, making your bathroom a relaxing haven. Add a smart mirror for the bathroom for an even more modern, relaxing bathroom with the best smart toilets.

Automatic Capabilities: Say goodbye to manual flushing! Most smart toilets have automatic flushing to keep things hygienic. Some even offer self-cleaning modes and automatic seat opening/closing, making life easier and germ-free with the best smart toilets.

Bidet Functionality: Embrace the luxury of bidet functions in smart toilets. Adjustable water temperature and pressure settings ensure you get a personalized cleansing experience with the best smart toilets.

Warming Functions: Stay cozy with warming features like a heated seat for chilly mornings or warm air dryers that reduce the need for toilet paper. Some models even have warm air deodorizers to keep your bathroom fresh, all thanks to the best smart toilets.

Installation Requirements: Not the most glamorous topic, but crucial! Make sure you measure the space accurately and check the plumbing and electrical requirements before installation of the best smart toilets.

Connectivity: For the tech-savvy, there are awesome connectivity options. Many smart toilets come with remote controls that allow customization, while some offer app control and voice commands for true hands-free convenience with the best smart toilets. Look for Wi-Fi enabled models to control your toilet from anywhere in the house.

Compatibility: If you’re part of the smart home ecosystem, opt for a smart toilet that plays well with your existing devices, like voice assistants and smart home systems, ensuring a seamless integration of the best smart toilets into your home.

Remember, each feature adds a touch of convenience and comfort, so go for the ones that suit your lifestyle and preferences. Happy smart toilet shopping with the best smart toilets!

Wrap up on the best smart toilets

In conclusion, smart toilets and bidets are undoubtedly game-changers in the world of bathroom fixtures. While not as popular in the US, these high-tech commodes are gaining momentum due to their numerous benefits and advanced features.

This is not our first article on bathroom upgrade and we believe smart toilets will be a great addition to your bathroom. Just like we believe a great lighted mirror for bathroom is also a very good option for anyone looking at a luxurious and relaxing bathroom experience.

The best smart toilets offer a luxurious and eco-friendly experience, making them a worthy investment for those seeking a more convenient and comfortable bathroom routine.

The article highlighted four top contenders in the world of best smart toilets, each with its unique features and functionalities. The VOVO STYLEMENT TCB-8100BK Smart Toilet impressed with its automatic dual flush, heated seat, warm water cleansing, and tankless flushing system, promoting sustainability and hygiene. The EPLO Smart Toilet stood out for its stylish design, heated seat, warm air dryer, and multiple flushing options, while the WOODBRIDGE B0970S Smart Toilet offered ADA compliance, hygienic bidet system, and auto deodorization, solidifying their status as the best smart toilets.

The EUROTO Newest Luxury Smart Toilet showcased a blend of elegance and full smart toilet functionalities, including automatic open/close lid, foot kick sensor, and customizable settings, further establishing itself as one of the best smart toilets on the market.

When shopping for the best smart toilets, it is essential to consider features such as lighting, automatic capabilities, bidet functionality, warming functions, installation requirements, and connectivity options. Best smart toilets are reliable, with their advanced technology and quality materials ensuring a dependable performance.

In conclusion, upgrading to the best smart toilets or bidet is a worthwhile investment that elevates the bathroom experience to new heights of comfort, convenience, and hygiene.

With a variety of models available on the market, there is a perfect smart toilet for everyone’s needs and preferences. So, if you’re ready to embrace the luxury and convenience of the best smart toilets, don’t hesitate to make the switch and enjoy a modern and more intelligent toilet and bathroom oasis. Happy smart toilet shopping with the best smart toilets!

Smart Toilets FAQ

Is smart toilet worth the money?

Yes, smart toilets are worth the money for their convenience, hygiene, and advanced features, enhancing your bathroom experience significantly.

Are smart toilets reliable?

Yes, smart toilets are generally reliable, incorporating advanced technology and quality materials to ensure a dependable and efficient performance.

Are smart toilets better?

Absolutely! Smart toilets offer numerous benefits like hands-free operation, bidet functionality, and personalised settings, making them far superior to traditional toilets. For Water saving, to go a step further you may want to invest in a shower timer.

What is the most expensive smart toilet?

As prices may vary, the most expensive smart toilets often feature cutting-edge technology, premium materials, and luxurious amenities, providing the ultimate bathroom experience.

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