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Connected Home

Connected homes integrate cable TV, multiple phone lines, satellite feeds, audio and video systems, computers, Internet, security systems and more to provide convenient control over the entire home environment. Built for today with an eye toward tomorrow, these systems enable you to fully maximize the capabilities of home devices and systems, and help them run together more efficiently.

No Hassle Modulation

June 25, 2009

Security cameras are very popular in today’s automated and connected home. The primary method of distributing the camera image, or any type of composite video signal throughout the home, is through the use of a modulator.  However, there are issues that need to be addressed when modulating signals, especially if you are combining the » Read More

New All-In-One Crimp Tool

November 25, 2008

This new All-in-One Modular Plug Crimp Tool combines a rugged design with multipurpose functions. The primary tool for all telecom and network installers working with RJ45, RJ11, RJ12 and RJ22 (Handset) modular plugs. Three crimp cavities for 4, 6 & 8 position modular plugs. Built in cutter and two strippers for both round and flat cable. » Read More

Power Surges and Spikes

September 16, 2008

About a couple of years ago, the transformer that supplied electricity to our block suffered a malfunction. It did not just fail but actually induced an overvoltage (>150VAC each phase) to surge throughout my home. During the event’s initial few minutes, all my lights that were lit including fluorescents grew brighter. The house » Read More

Understanding Open Collector Outputs

June 24, 2008

On several occasions, integrators have called asking about how to use particular devices that have open collector outputs. Those familiar with integrating relays with an automation or security system are sometimes baffled when, instead of seeing the Common, Normally Open and Normally Closed terminology associated with a relay, they read in the » Read More

Getting to Know Your Circuit-Breaker Panel

March 25, 2008

With the popularity of using the powerline for lighting control such as UPB and X10, the time will come when things don’t work and troubleshooting will be due. An example would be where devices work in one part of the house, while others in a different location don’t work at all. This problem usually means a lack of signal in one part » Read More

On-Q Releases New 8-Port Gigabit Switch

March 20, 2008

Designed to meet the needs of todays bandwidth-intensive applications, the 8-Port Gigabit Switch provides the perfect way to share media, graphics, in home gaming, and other applications that require large amounts of information sent across a network. Features: Provides the highest speed Ethernet available for the home. Worry free distribution of » Read More