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Turn your home into your own personalized home theater with amazing audio and video products from Home Controls. We offer some of the industry’s best whole home audio distribution systems, from top manufacturers like NuVo, M&S Systems, Channel Vision, NuTone and more. Choose a matching Speaker system with in-ceiling, in-wall, outdoors and specialty options. Our video distribution selection is just as vast, covering component, HDMI, RF and CATV solutions.

On-Q Introduces Digital Audio System

November 26, 2014

Connect your home to limitless listening possibilities with the new On-Q Digital Audio System from Legrand. Now available at Home Controls, the Digital Audio System delivers streaming source variety, quality audio, and the convenience of app control, all through a structured wiring platform. See the product line here: » Read More

NuVo Releases Dual Radio Tuner

September 10, 2014

Home Controls has expanded the NuVo collection of home audio distribution systems with the addition of the NuVo Dual Radio Tuner. Designed for integration into the NuVo Grand Concerto or Essentia systems, the NuVo Dual Radio Tuner adds advanced broadcast radio to your whole-home audio system. This AM/FM tuner features two outputs, allowing your » Read More

NuVo Releases Faster Player Portfolio App

August 28, 2014

NuVo has released an update to their Player Portfolio App, featuring several improvements and enhancements for a superior user experience, including a significantly reduced app startup time for getting listeners to the music they love faster. Users will be prompted when opening the Player App on their iOS or Android devices to accept this » Read More

Power & Hang Your Clock With One Device

August 20, 2014

Home Controls has received a lot of requests for this part, so we are excited to add the Leviton Recessed Duplex Receptacle with Clock Hanger Hook. You can install a power outlet behind your flat screen TV, clock, or any other wall-mount object with the Leviton Recessed Duplex Receptacle with Clock Hanger Hook. The receptacle mounts flush and the » Read More

DataComm Releases Recessed Cable & Power Combo Plates

August 11, 2014

You can hide multiple cables behind a wall-mounted flat screen TV by installing the DataComm Recessed Low Voltage Mid-Size Plate with Duplex Receptacle. This model features a built-in duplex receptacle, allowing you to plug in components directly behind the TV. Cables of other A/V components can be plugged into the TV and/or the receptacle by » Read More

The X10 Powermid is Back!

August 8, 2014

X10 fans rejoice! After an absence of several years, X10 has re-introduced the popular Powermid IR Remote Set. This was one of Home Controls’ most popular X10 products, and we hope you will see why. Use your remote to control audio/video components in an entirely different room by setting up the X10 Powermid IR Remote Set. This complete » Read More