Can You Have 2 WiFi Networks in One House? (Easy Options)

can you have 2 wifi networks in one house

A strong and dependable, internet access connection has become a basic requirement in our increasingly interconnected world. A steady internet connection is the lifeblood of modern living, whether you’re streaming your favorite TV shows, working from home, playing online games, or simply staying connected with loved ones all over the world. Many households have found … Read more

Navigate the Smart Home Hub Maze with Our Ultimate Guide

Smart Home Hub

Smart home hubs have become the cornerstone of modern living, whether you’re riding solo with a standalone hub, cozying up to a virtual assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Mini, or cleverly combining both. In a world of endless options and compatibility puzzles, Home Controls comes to the rescue with our revamped guide to help … Read more

Exciting News: Z-Wave Embraces Open Source Technology!

z-wave open source

Hey there, fellow tech aficionados! Get ready to have your excitement dial turned all the way up, because we’ve got news that’s about to make your tech-loving hearts dance with joy. Z-Wave Swings Open its Doors: A New Era Unfolds Hold on tight, because Sigma Designs, the masterminds behind the Z-Wave home automation magic, have … Read more

Understanding Open Collector Outputs in Smart Home Setups

open collector outputs

In the realm of smart homes and automation systems, the terminology surrounding various device outputs can sometimes be confusing. One such term that often raises questions is the “open collector.tup” Integrators familiar with relays might find themselves puzzled by this term, wondering how it differs from the more common relay setup. This article aims to … Read more