How to remove ring doorbell 2 from mounting bracket

Understanding how to remove your Ring Doorbell 2 from the mounting bracket is a critical step if you plan on relocating it or adjusting its positioning. With its advanced features and complete security capabilities, the Ring Doorbell 2 has become a commonplace addition to modern houses. However, there may be times when you need to temporarily remove it for maintenance or reposition it for optimum coverage. In this article, we’ll walk you through the procedures necessary to securely and efficiently remove a Ring Doorbell 2 from its mounting bracket, ensuring that your device stays in pristine condition and your home’s security remains intact.

The Ring Doorbell 2 has transformed home security with its high-resolution video capabilities, motion detection, and real-time notifications. Understanding how to remove it from its bracket is critical whether you’re dealing with a battery replacement, a change in the outside of your home, or a desire to explore other angles for a better perspective. By following our comprehensive tutorial, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to complete this procedure with ease, protecting the functionality and longevity of your Ring Doorbell 2 while keeping your home safe.

How to Install a Ring Video Doorbell in 10 Easy Steps

Installing a Ring Video Doorbell is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance the security and convenience of your home. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the ten easy steps to install your Ring Video Doorbell:

Step 1: Gather Your Tools: Make sure you have all the tools and items you need before you start. Usually, you’ll need a level, mounting screws, anchors, a screwdriver, and a phone or computer that has the Ring app on it.

Step 2: Turn Off the Power: To keep everyone safe, go to the circuit switch or fuse box and turn off the power to your old doorbell.

Step 3: Remove Your Existing Doorbell: Take your old doorknob off the wall by unscrewing it. Take the wires off of it, but make sure to name them so you can find them again.

Step 4: Attach the Mounting Bracket: The clamp that comes with your Ring Video Doorbell should be used. Use the screws and pegs that come with it to attach it to the wall or door frame. Make sure it’s straight with a level.

Step 5: Connect the Wires: You can connect the wires from your old doorbell to the back of the Ring Video Doorbell by taking the terminal screws off and then secure the wires.

how to remove ring doorbell 2 from mounting bracket

Step 6: Secure the Doorbell: Slide the Ring Video Doorbell onto the bracket slowly. It needs to click into place.

Step 7: Power On: At the circuit breaker or fuse box, turn the power back on. The Ring Video Doorbell should turn on and light up.

Step 8: Set Up the Ring App: Get the Ring app on your phone or computer and open it if you haven’t already. Sign up for Ring or log in if you already have one.

Step 9: Add Your Doorbell to the App: Go to “Set Up a Device” in the Ring app and pick “Doorbells.” To connect your smart doorbell or Ring Video Doorbell to your account, follow the steps in the app.

Step 10: Customize Settings: After setting up your Ring Video Doorbell, you can change its settings, such as the areas that will be alerted by motion, how you want to be notified, and how family members can view the camera.

By following these ten simple steps, you can successfully set up your Ring Video Doorbell and start enjoying the extra safety and simplicity it offers. To keep your home safe, make sure you regularly update the Ring app to get the newest features and better security.

How to Remove Ring Doorbell Faceplate

Removing the faceplate of your Ring Doorbell is a relatively straightforward process, and it can be necessary for various reasons, such as cleaning, maintenance, or even changing the device’s appearance. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remove the faceplate:

1. Locate the Release Button: Pay attention to the very bottom edge of your Ring Doorbell to start. There is a small release button that is easy to miss.

2. Press the Release Button: Press the release button with middle finger with a light touch that is hard. The cover will then come off of the main body of the doorbell.

3. Gently Pull the Faceplate: To remove the plastic hook the faceplate from the doorbell, press the release button and then slowly pull it away. It should come off easily.

4. Use a Flathead Screwdriver (if necessary): If you have trouble taking off security screws from the cover, you can use a flathead screwdriver to carefully pull it away from the doorbell. During this process, be careful not to damage the device or the lid.

5. Access the Screws: You can get to the screws that hold the Ring Doorbell in place once you take ring screwdriver off the cover. This can help when doing things like replacing the battery or moving the device around.

6. To Remove the Entire Doorbell: In order to take the Ring Doorbell off of its wall mount, you will need to remove the two screws that hold it in place.

7. To Replace the Faceplate:

To put the Doorbell back together or change the faceplate, all you have to do is line up the faceplate with the Doorbell’s body. Put even pressure on it and push it back into place. When you hear a satisfying click, you’ll know it’s securely connected.

With these easy-to-follow steps, you can easily take off and put back on the faceplate of your Ring Doorbell. This lets you keep, customize, or do any other maintenance that needs to be done on the device..

How to Remove a Ring Doorbell from Its Mounting Bracket

How to Remove a Ring Doorbell from Its Mounting Bracket

Removing a Ring Doorbell from its mounting bracket may be required for maintenance, relocation, or other reasons. The following are the methods to securely and effectively removing a Ring Doorbell:

1. Turn Off the Power

Before you begin, make sure that your Ring Doorbell is turned off. To protect your safety, turn off the relevant circuit breaker or fuse at your electrical panel.

2. Optional: Remove the Battery

Consider removing the battery if your Ring Doorbell has one. This precaution can help to avoid inadvertent electrical contact and create a safer working environment.

3. Charging the Doorbell

If you’ve removed the removable battery part, charge it completely before reinstalling it to guarantee that the device operates normally once it’s been remounted.

4. Attach mounting bracket

Remove the faceplate to gain access to the mounting bracket. A few screws are normally used to secure the mounting bracket screws. Unscrew and remove the mounting bracket with care.

How to Remove a Ring Doorbell from Its Mounting Bracket

5. Attach doorbell wires (optional)

If your Ring Doorbell is hardwired, remove the cables from the doorbell wiring mounting bracket. Typically, these wires are connected to terminal screws. Label them so they can be reattached later.

6. Mount Ring doorbell

After removing the mounting bracket, you can detach the Ring Doorbell from it. Slide the item gently off the bracket, and it should come free.

7. Remove the Wires (If Applicable)

If your Ring Doorbell was hardwired, you may need to entirely remove the cables from the device. Take care not to damage the wires during this process, as they will be reattached when the device is reinstalled.

You can safely remove your Ring Doorbell from its mounting bracket by following these steps. This approach ensures that you may operate with your Ring Doorbell securely and efficiently, whether for repair, relocation, or any other purpose. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety standards while reattaching or remove the ring doorbell device or wires to avoid damage and ensure good operation.

how to remove ring doorbell 2 from mounting bracket

Wrap Up On how to remove ring doorbell 2 from mounting bracket

Homeowners are able to do routine maintenance, make changes, or reposition the device as needed by removing the Ring Doorbell 2 from its mounting bracket, which is a basic yet essential task. You will be able to confidently detach your Ring Doorbell 2 from its mounting bracket if you follow the instructions given in this guide. This will ensure that the device stays in good condition and is ready for reinstallation or any necessary repair that may be required.

Understanding this process is vital for homeowners who want to maintain the functionality and security that the Ring Doorbell 2 provides. Whether it’s for the purpose of battery replacement, troubleshooting, or moving the device for better coverage, understanding this process is essential. To ensure that the removal process goes smoothly and safely, remember to strictly adhere to the instructions provided by the manufacturer and to take all necessary precautions.


Why should I take my Ring Doorbell 2 off of its mounting bracket?

The Ring Doorbell 2 should be removed for a variety of reasons, including maintenance, battery replacement, adjusting the device, or shifting it to a different area.

How can I turn off my Ring Doorbell 2 before removing it?

Switching off the correct circuit breaker or fuse at your electrical panel will turn off the electricity to your Ring Doorbell 2.

Is it necessary to take the battery out of my Ring Doorbell 2 before removing it from its mounting bracket?

Although it is not always essential, removing the battery might give further security by eliminating accidental electrical contact while operating on the device.

Can I charge the Ring Doorbell 2 battery when the gadget is turned off?

Yes, you can charge the battery independently when the Ring Doorbell 2 is unplugged. This ensures that it backup battery is completely charged and ready to be reinstalled.

What Can You Do after the Bracket Is Removed?

You can perform maintenance, repositioning, replacement, battery recharging, accessing wiring (for hardwired unit installations), adjusting settings, troubleshooting issues, repairs, and even changing the faceplate if your model allows it after removing the mounting bracket.

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