How to Replace Your Old NuTone or M&S Intercom System

In the ever-evolving landscape of home technology, staying up-to-date is essential to ensure your living space is equipped with the latest and most efficient systems. If you’re reading this, chances are you have an old NuTone or M&S intercom system that has served your home faithfully for years, but is now showing its age. The time has come to embrace the future by replacing it with a modern, state-of-the-art intercom system. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of “How to Replace Your Old NuTone or M&S Intercom System” smoothly and effortlessly.

Retrofit Intercoms by NuTone

Ever heard of the NuTone NM100-series retrofit intercom system? This is like a superhero for old intercom systems that use 3 or 4 wires. If you’re wondering what that means, don’t worry – it’s all about how your intercom is connected.

So, this NM100-series retrofit system can handle up to 15 room stations and three door stations. Imagine having that many stations to chat with around the house! And guess what? This system doesn’t just do intercom stuff; it’s got spaces for plugging in your music gadgets, like phones or tablets, and even comes with a built-in radio. Isn’t that cool?

But here’s the thing: if you’re thinking of just swapping out your old master station with this new one, it won’t quite work like that. You’ll need to replace the master station, of course, but also put in all new room stations, door stations, and even a thing called a rough-in box (that’s like a hidden part) behind the master station. Oh, and don’t forget the plastic bits that go with all these new parts.

Now, here’s a fun twist: even if your old system has 6 wires, you can still use the NM100. It’s like magic! You’d just pick either 3 or 4 out of those 6 wires, depending on what type of speakers you have – 3-wire or 4-wire.

And just so you know, the NM100 master station is super-flexible. It’s totally happy to work with both 3 and 4 wire systems. But here’s a tiny detail: there are special room, door, and patio stations made just for the 3-wire system, and another set made just for the 4-wire system. So, remember that when you’re picking out what you need.

Now, if you’re rocking an existing 6 or 8 wire setup, your best buddy is the NM200-series intercom system. It’s kind of like the NM100’s twin, with the exact same features. Oh, and just so you know, the NM200 also does the trick for brand-new installations.

Hope that makes sense! These systems might sound like a lot, but trust us, they’re here to make your home even cooler.

Retrofit Intercoms by M&S Systems

Now let’s see another way to give your home a tech upgrade: the M&S DMC3/4 intercom system. It’s like giving your old intercom a modern twist – just think of it like getting a fancy new phone with all the latest features.

This DMC3/4 system is kind of similar to the NuTone one we talked about before. It’s here to replace those old-school intercom setups in your home. You know, those talky things that let you chat between rooms? Well, the DMC3/4 does that job, but it’s like the supercharged version.

Here’s the deal: if your old intercom used 3 or 4 wires (those are like the communication cables), this system is like the perfect match. It can handle up to 15 room stations – those are the chat spots in different rooms – and 3 door stations. Plus, it’s got a neat feature for music lovers: 8 AM and 8 FM radio presets. So, while you’re going about your day, you can enjoy your favorite tunes.

Now, if your old setup had 6 or 8 wires, no worries! You’ll want to level up to the souped-up M&S system, called the DMC1. It’s like getting the deluxe version – think of it like going from a regular soda to a big, fancy one with all the flavors.

So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your home’s communication game, the DMC3/4 system could be just what you’re looking for.

Retrofit Intercoms by IST

Let’s talk about the Intrasonic Technology (IST) intercom system. It’s like the supercharged version of your regular intercom, packed with awesome features that’ll make your home feel like the future.

Okay, so you know how we mentioned NuTone and M&S systems? Well, they’re great, no doubt! But the IST system takes things up a notch. It’s like getting the latest, most advanced smartphone instead of an older model.

Here’s the scoop: the IST intercom system is like your home’s new best friend. It’s got room for 17 room stations – think of them as spots to chat in different rooms – and two door stations. Plus, it’s super flexible. No matter if your old intercom used 3, 4, 6, or 8 wires (those are like the communication cables), the IST system can work with them. Talk about being versatile!

And the party doesn’t stop there. This IST system even has space for 10 preset AM and FM radio stations. That means you can groove to your favorite tunes while you go about your day – how awesome is that?

But wait, there’s more! The master station – that’s like the control center – comes with a USB port. So, you can charge up your smart devices and even play your favorite music. And guess what? IST has this cool Bluetooth adapter. It’s like magic – you can play your music through a wireless connection using a Bluetooth device. Imagine streaming your favorite jams from your phone to your intercom system. Now that’s next-level!

So, if you’re all about having the coolest intercom with the most amazing features, the IST system might just be your new favorite thing


Consider replacing outdated NuTone or M&S Intercom systems by completely removing existing wires and implementing a new system using Cat5 (ethernet) wires.

This upgrade offers the advantage of internet compatibility, unlocking additional features for enhanced usability.

By opting for Cat5 wiring, you ensure a modern and efficient intercom system, seamlessly integrating with the internet for improved functionality.

This approach allows for a more streamlined and technologically advanced solution compared to traditional wiring methods, providing a future-proof communication system in your home or facility.

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Wrap Up On How to Replace Your Old NuTone or M&S Intercom System

In conclusion, if you’re facing issues with your old intercom system or looking to upgrade, there’s a world of solutions waiting for you. We understand the challenges posed by malfunctioning or outdated intercoms, and we’re here to offer a helping hand.

While it might seem disappointing that the old NuTone and M&S intercom systems can’t be fixed by replacing a single part, there’s a ray of hope in the form of retrofitting. This innovative approach allows you to make the most of your existing wiring, no matter the number of wires your old system used. Plus, the new retrofit systems are designed to fit seamlessly into the holes left by your previous system, saving you from cutting new openings in your walls.

Determining the number of wires your old NuTone system used is a breeze, and we provide easy-to-follow steps to guide you through the process. With a variety of options available, including the new NuTone intercom system, the versatile M&S Systems, and the feature-rich Intrasonic Technology intercom system, you have the freedom to choose the one that aligns with your preferences.

Moreover, for those seeking a more extensive upgrade, the possibility of transitioning to Cat5 wired systems, which offer enhanced connectivity and features, is worth considering. While this transition might involve more effort, the benefits of internet-connected intercoms, like the On-Q/Legrand Selective Call Intercom system, present exciting opportunities.

In the end, whether you’re opting for retrofit solutions or venturing into advanced intercom technology, it’s about enhancing your home communication and modernizing your space. By selecting the system that resonates with your needs and striking the right balance between costs and features, you’re on your way to a hassle-free, cutting-edge intercom experience. So, embrace the upgrade, explore the options, and transform your home into a hub of seamless communication and convenience.


Can you replace an old intercom system?

Yes, old intercom systems can be replaced with modern retrofit options that utilize existing wiring for seamless communication upgrades.

What can I use to replace Nutone?

Nutone can be replaced with newer models like the NuTone NM100-series retrofit intercom system, offering improved features and functionality.

Can you replace a home intercom system?

Absolutely, we offer replacement options for home intercom systems, including brands like NuTone and M&S Systems, enhancing communication in your space.

What can you do with outdated intercom?

Outdated intercoms can be upgraded using retrofit systems, preserving existing wiring. This modernization enables better communication, music streaming, and even internet connectivity.

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