Your Ultimate Home Security Checklist

Welcome to our Simple Home Security Checklist – your guide to ensuring your home is a safe haven for you and your loved ones. Don’t fret if you’re unsure about where to start with home security or if you’ve been pondering whether investing in a security system is worthwhile. We’ve got you covered! This checklist is designed to help you identify areas where you can amp up your home security. If you find yourself answering “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to take action and give your home the protection it deserves.

Exterior Doors

  1. Lock It Up: Are your doors always locked when you’re away or at night? Yes or No.
  2. Strong Doors: Do your doors boast the strength of solid hardwood or metal-clad materials? Yes or No.
  3. See Clearly: Do your doors feature wide-angle peepholes accessible to everyone? Yes or No.
  4. Glass Protection: If your doors have glass panels, are they reinforced to prevent shattering? Yes or No.
  5. Double Lock: Are your entryways secured with a robust keyed entry lock and a sturdy deadbolt? Yes or No.
  6. Key Confidants: Are your spare keys entrusted to reliable neighbors or friends, avoiding common hiding spots? Yes or No.

Garage and Sliding Door

  1. Garage Gateway: Does the door leading from your garage to the house sport a solid wood or metal-clad build, along with a keyed lock and deadbolt? Yes or No.
  2. Secure Garage: Is your garage door fitted with a lock, not solely relying on the automatic opener? Yes or No.
  3. Garage Check: Do you always lock the garage doors when leaving the house? Yes or No.
  4. Sliding Safety: Does your sliding glass door have a robust working key lock? Yes or No.
  5. Slide Stopper: Do you use a dowel or pin to prevent your sliding door from being tampered with? Yes or No.
  6. Locked Slide: Is your sliding door locked every night and whenever you step out? Yes or No.

Window Protection

  1. Window Lockdown: Are all your windows equipped with functional key locks and secure pins? Yes or No.
  2. Total Lockdown: Do you lock all windows, even slightly open ones, for ventilation? Yes or No.
  3. Sensor Check: If you have window sensors, are they in top working condition? Yes or No.

Outdoor Security

  1. Trim the Way: Are your shrubs and trees pruned to eliminate hiding spots? Yes or No.
  2. Light the Night: Are all outside doors illuminated with bright lights? Yes or No.
  3. Darkness Defense: Do you utilize floodlights to banish dark areas? Yes or No.
  4. Evening Vigilance: Are your outdoor lights on in the evening, with motion-detection lights in place? Yes or No.

Away From Home Security

  1. Light Show: Have you set up at least two timed lights when you’re away? Yes or No.
  2. System On: Is your home security system activated when you’re not home? Yes or No.
  3. Mail Matters: Will friends or family collect your mail during extended absences? Yes or No.
  4. Home Watchers: Are arrangements made for house checks during lengthy departures? Yes or No.

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Outdoor Valuables and Personal Property

  1. Lock the Gates: Are your gate latches, garage doors, and shed doors secured with laminated padlocks? Yes or No.
  2. Lock Routine: Do you consistently lock gate latches, garage doors, and shed doors? Yes or No.
  3. Valuables Vault: Are items like grills and lawnmowers kept in locked garages or covered and hidden when outdoors? Yes or No.
  4. Bike Safeguard: Are bicycles protected with quality locks, even when not in use? Yes or No.
  5. Firearm Security: Are firearms stored unloaded in locked storage boxes, equipped with trigger guard locks? Yes or No.

Congratulations! By completing this checklist, you’re taking significant strides towards enhancing your home security. If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to take the necessary steps to fortify your home’s safety. Remember, a secure home is a happy home!

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Home Security Checklist FAQ

What should be in a home safety checklist?

A home safety checklist should include locked doors, reinforced windows, well-lit exteriors, working alarms, secure valuables, and planned absence precautions.

What is a security checklist?

A security checklist outlines steps to ensure a safe home, covering locked doors, windows, outdoor lighting, alarm systems, and safeguarding valuables.

How do I set up security at home?

To set up home security, lock doors, install strong locks, use proper lighting, deploy alarm systems, secure valuables, and plan for absences with checks.

How do we keep safe and secure at home?

Maintain safety at home by locking doors, reinforcing windows, using lights, installing alarms, securing valuables, and arranging checks during absences for comprehensive security.

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