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New: DoorBell Fon Slimline Door Stations

November 7, 2012

We’re  excited about this one! The very popular DoorBell Fon door entry system has released a slimline door intercom station  featuring a narrow design that fits on your door trim like a regular doorbell switch. This door answering system includes everything you need to set up an intercom for your front door. When a visitor pushes the » Read More

Original DoorBell Fon DP28 Series is Back!

May 24, 2012

Home Controls is excited to reintroduce a revised version of the DP28 door station series of the DoorBell Fon door answering system. This very popular version was originally discontinued in July of 2010, and we’ve missed ’em! The DoorBell Fon replaces the traditional doorbell to let you answer the door from any telephone, even cordless » Read More

Doorbell Fon Updates Their Metal Door Station Design

July 20, 2010

Home Controls is excited to introduce the third generation of metal door stations: DoorBell Fon 3G. The new designs are sure to be attractive to existing users as well as customers new to the DoorBell Fon product line. The appearance has changed, but the sizes remain the same; the door stations will still fit in a two-gang masonry box, a Music » Read More