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Find the Best Audio Streaming Systems at Home Controls

June 29, 2020

Music libraries have moved into the digital streaming age. From mixtapes to multi-CD players to iTunes libraries, our music collections have become increasingly larger and easier to share. Streaming music and audio from your digital libraries to your home audio system has also become easier than ever before with advanced audio streaming systems.  » Read More

Stream Music at Home the Best and Easiest Way

May 14, 2018

Streaming music at home without having to rely on just using your smartphone and an external speaker is now possible and easier than you think. In the past, listening to streaming music was quite limited since it meant that only rooms or areas of your home that had this particular set up could play streaming music, which wasn’t that bad, but it » Read More

Which Smart Home Products Should I Invest In?

June 19, 2017

Converting your home into a smart home is a wonderful investment because it will not only make home life easier for the entire family, but also increase your property value. Nowadays, there are so many home automation products available with endless options to choose from. Whether you want to control your lighting at home using a smartphone or add » Read More

NuVo Releases Faster Player Portfolio App

August 28, 2014

NuVo has released an update to their Player Portfolio App, featuring several improvements and enhancements for a superior user experience, including a significantly reduced app startup time for getting listeners to the music they love faster. Users will be prompted when opening the Player App on their iOS or Android devices to accept this » Read More

USA Today Features NuVo Wireless Audio in Today’s Paper!

April 2, 2014

Home Controls thinks the NuVo player portfolio audio system delivers true flexibility and audio freedom to the music lover’s home – and USA Today agrees! Check out Tech writer Mike Snider’s take on “Riding the wireless music wave at home,” which highlights NuVo’s players, and the potential for introducing incredible streaming content » Read More

The Wait Is Over: OEM Systems In-Wall Audio System is Back!

March 7, 2014

Enjoy music throughout your home or office with the dual-zone OEM Systems In-Wall Audio System. This traditional, space-saving audio system plays CDs as well as AM/FM radio stations, and includes both a USB port and an AUX input for streaming audio from any external device (iPod, iPad, flash drive, etc.). With two internal stereo amplifiers and » Read More