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Dakota Alert

You’ve Got Mail! Introducing Wireless Mailbox Alert Kit

April 22, 2014

Stop checking an empty mailbox and receive automatic alerts when your mail arrives with the Dakota Alert 1000 Series Wireless Mailbox Alert Kit. The adjustable swivel sensor mounts on any hinged mailbox door and triggers the receiver to alert you when the door is opened. The receiver alerts you by playing one of 16 selectable tunes. Choose from 16 » Read More

20% Off Dakota Alert 2500 Wireless Motion Detection

April 7, 2014

Home Controls has teamed up with Dakota Alert to offer an exclusive discount on select 2500 series wireless motion and vehicle detection systems. Save 20% (dealers save 10%) on these select products: Dakota Alert 2500 Wireless Vehicle Detection Kit Dakota Alert 2500 Wireless Motion Detection Kit Dakota Alert 2500 Wireless Vehicle Probe Sensor » Read More

Dakota Alert Expands Portable Receiver Features

February 6, 2014

First the bad news: Dakota Alert has discontinued its popular PR-3000 Wireless Portable Receiver for its 3000 series monitoring and alert system. Don’t cry too fast – keep reading! Now the good news: Dakota Alert has introduced the new PR-2500 Wireless Portable Receiver, compatible with both the 3000 series as well as the 2500 series » Read More

New Universal Transmitter for Dakota Alert 2500

March 27, 2013

The Dakota Alert 2500 Wireless Universal Transmitter works with all Dakota Alert 2500 wireless products to provide a variety of wireless solutions. As a weatherproof push-button transmitter, the unit can be used as a doorbell or panic button. The transmitter also features NO/NC relay inputs for connection to an external sensor, such as a motion » Read More

Dakota Alert 2500 Beam Sensors Now Shipping!

April 11, 2012

Dakota Alert has added an exciting new sensor to their very-popular 2500 Series. Secure the perimeter around your property or home by installing the Dakota Alert 2500 Wireless Break Beam Sensor Kit. Together, the pair of solar-powered break beam sensors creates an infrared cross beam and detects any intruder that passes through the beam area. When » Read More

NEW: Dakota Alert Wireless Door Chime

March 30, 2011

Home Controls carries a lot of very-popular products, and this new one looks like it’s going to be just as popular! The DC-1000 Wireless Door Chime offers a simple do-it-yourself solution for mounting a doorbell in a home or business. The wireless push button will send a signal up to 1,000 feet back to the base. The base can play any of 16 » Read More