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Elk Adds 2-Way Wireless Smoke Detector

April 17, 2014

Designed for use with a wireless ready ELK M1 controller, the ELK Wireless Smoke Detector integrates into an ELK home system. When multiple detectors are installed, one sensor can wirelessly activate all sensors upon smoke or heat detection. It can also automatically notify your central monitoring station. These features help ensure safety for the » Read More

Dealer Webinar This Friday: ELK M1 Basic Training

April 3, 2013

For dealers that are interested in learning more about the inns and outs of the ELK M1 home automation and security system, we encourage you to attend this Friday’s free webinar. This webinar is designed for an installer/integrator who wants to learn more about the M1 cross platform control including basic installation and programming. The » Read More

Full Control of Elk M1 From Your Android Smartphone

January 25, 2013

Our iPhone apps that control an ELK M1 Home Automation and Security System have been pretty popular. Now here are a few similar ELK M1 app, specifically for Android! ElkDroid Security & Automation App: Achieve full control of your configured Elk M1G or EZ8 home security panel from anywhere you can access your Elk-M1XEP. ElkDroid provides an » Read More

ELK Supervised Remote Power Supply

August 6, 2012

Designed for use with the ELKM1 Control, ELK Supervised Remote Power Supply can provide 12VDC output, supervise the AC Power Input, and report abnormal conditions back to the Control. The Power Supply can be used to increase the capacity of a control, or to remotely power devices such as motion detectors, keypads, zone expanders, sirens, » Read More

Control Z-Wave Lighting with an Elk M1 Automation System

May 29, 2012

Connect your Elk-M1 Control to your Z-Wave enabled devices with the ELK-M1 to Leviton Z-Wave Interface, a specialized Elk-M1 serial expander. Now you can combine the innovation of Elk products with the wireless convenience of Z-Wave technology. Connect with wireless Z-Wave devices including: lights, thermostats, electronic locks, etc. » Read More

New From Elk: 5-Stage In-Line Telephone Surge Protector

February 15, 2010

The ELK-952 provides exceptional protection against damage from lightning, voltage spikes, and surge damage coming into a phone line. It installs between the RJ31X Phone Jack and the Security Control. The ELK-952 features multi-stage protection and is 5 times faster than MOVs. It is recommended that the customer install an AC surge arrester in the » Read More