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Prevent Costly Water Damage at Home with FortrezZ

October 26, 2017

Stop the Leak Before it Floods Your Home! In North America, one out of every three homes are victims of water damage. The extensive damage caused by leaking and/or flooding can result in insurance claims upwards of $10,000, making water damage insurance claims the most expensive and common claim filed. And those numbers only count those that make » Read More

Prevent Water Damage at Home with a Leak Detector

November 29, 2016

Water damage at home can be a big hassle to repair and extremely costly, especially if you’re unaware that it’s happening. When pipes burst due to old age or someone accidentally leaves the water running, such as in a clogged bathtub or sink, our reaction time is often slow, leaving the home vulnerable for flooding. In fact, water damage » Read More

WaterCop Releases Small, Yet Powerful Z-Wave Water Sensor

January 16, 2014

WaterCop has just released a new and upgraded Z-Wave Wireless Water & Freeze Sensor, making it easier for you to detect water leaks and prevent a potential home flood. Besides its compact size, what we like most about the new sensor is works with their Z-Wave WaterCop motor system as well as any other Z-Wave alert device. Works with any Z-Wave » Read More

Expand Your Smart Home To Protect Against Water Leaks

October 9, 2013

Imagine a pipe suddenly bursting in your home. What happens next? Costly water damage, if you don’t catch the leak in time. But nothing terrible happens at all if you install the Elk Water Shutoff Valve. New and improved and just released by Elk Products, this electric water shutoff valve installs on your home’s main water line and connects to » Read More

WaterCop Now Features Lead-Free Valves!

August 26, 2010

A WaterCop automatic water shut-off valve system will provide your home with round-the-clock indoor flood protection and works with wired and wireless flood sensors, wall switches, and most home security and home automation systems. Now, new lead-free valves are approved for sale in all U.S. States, and comply with California AB1953 and Vermont » Read More