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GE Presents Enbrighten Night Lights for Life

September 16, 2015

Illuminate your night with the most efficient night light you’ve ever heard of, and you’ll never have to replace the bulb again! Great for the bathroom, closet, kitchen and other areas that make toes go bump in the dark, our new line of motion-activated and touch-activated Enbrighten LED task lights from GE provide a lifetime of bright » Read More

Top 5 Z-Wave Devices Every Smart Home Needs

March 9, 2015

In our 25 years of providing smart home solutions, Home Controls has seen a lot of revolutionary technologies push the evolution boundaries of home automation. X10, UPB, Zigbee, EnOcean, Wi-Fi, RF, Wireless – we’ve seen it all. The one technology that is grabbing the industry’s spotlight now is Z-Wave. More and more home » Read More

Next Generation of Z-Wave Automation from GE

December 10, 2014

Home Controls is now carrying the next generation of Z-Wave Automation from GE. Our new product line is an upgrade from the previous GE collection, with most switches and modules now being able to control incandescent, CFL or LED lights. Plus, the in-wall switches include both white and light almond paddles – so you can easily switch the » Read More

New: GE Z-Wave Wireless Keypad Controller

December 27, 2012

As an alternative to Z-Wave handheld remotes, the GE Z-Wave Wireless Keypad Controller allows you to create and manage custom lighting scenes right from an easy-to-use wall-mounted screen. The keypad provides control for up to four groups and four scenes, and features soft touch buttons that emit an ambient LED amber glow when pressed. Supports up » Read More

New: Stylish Security Remotes from Ecolink

November 8, 2012

Home Controls is thrilled to have added several new products from Ecolink. Check out the new 4-Button security remotes (available in both GE-compatible and DSC-compatible versions). Ecolink GE-Compatible 4-Button Remote Ecolink DSC-Compatible 4-Button Remote Ecolink Honeywell-Compatible 4-Button Remote The Ecolink 4-Button Remote  provides » Read More