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On-Q Updates its Universal Remote

April 15, 2009

The On-Q universal remote (formerly PN AU7427) has been updated (now PN AU1060). The On-Q remote features whole-house commands which control all keypads from one location. It controls the lyriQ Audio System, as well as other On-Q systems. The universal remote can also be programmed to control up to seven additional devices. Supports all On-Q » Read More

Making Contact Outputs Wireless

March 24, 2009

Have you been in a situation where you needed a sensor, such as a magnetic window contact or a water leak detector, but running wires between the sensor and the alarm/automation panel was not cost-effective or just downright impossible?  Didn’t you wish you could just send that contact signal magically through the air? Well, you can, and » Read More

Never Crank A Window Again

March 11, 2009

Would you buy a car today where you had to crank the window open?  Or would you opt for powered windows? With the Truth Hardware Sentry II WLS Power Window System, TR435100005, it’s like adding powered windows to your home. I remember growing up in a fairly older house, in order to get a fresh breeze of air I had to crank a window just to » Read More

NuVo Grand Concerto & Essentia Keypads

March 10, 2009

  Did you know that the NuVo Essentia keypad can be used with the Grand Concerto audio distribution system? If for some reason you don’t want or can’t use the double-gang wide Grand Concerto keypad, you can substitute the single-gang Essentia keypad in its place.  Both keypads are touch control pads, elegant, smooth as glass with » Read More

NEW: On-Q Studio Design Ball Camera

March 9, 2009

Available in the new Studio style, the Day/Night Color Ball Camera is an inconspicuous way to monitor a nursery, patio, or front door. Although it delivers crisp color video, it’s also optimized for low light conditions to enable the best possible picture in all situations. The camera mounts in a standard single gang box and features a » Read More

Convert Any TV Into A Security Monitor!

February 24, 2009

This convenient TV Display Interface Strap enables camera viewing over the TV when connected to the LCD module. It mounts flush into the wall for a clean, out-of-the-way installation, installs in any decorator plate and can be ganged with other home theater products behind the entertainment center. Mounts flush into the wall for a clean, » Read More

Get Email Alerts when Alarm Sounds

February 23, 2009

Sensaphone – manufacturer of various remote monitoring devices through the phones – is introducing an all new web-based remote monitoring at an affordable price. The Web600 can be used to connect any security alarm panel and make them web-enabled. Additionally, the Web600 can also read values from humidity and temperature sensors, » Read More