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Find the Best Audio Streaming Systems at Home Controls

June 29, 2020

Music libraries have moved into the digital streaming age. From mixtapes to multi-CD players to iTunes libraries, our music collections have become increasingly larger and easier to share. Streaming music and audio from your digital libraries to your home audio system has also become easier than ever before with advanced audio streaming systems.  » Read More

What is 4K and Why Does It Matter?

November 15, 2016

  Just when we finished upgrading our home theater screens, computer monitors, and other digital displays to be Full HD (1080p), it would appear that 4K resolution will soon overtake it, becoming the standard display resolution. So why does it seem that every few years something new and better is replacing the equipment we just worked so hard » Read More

Z-Wave vs Bluetooth: Highlighting the Distinctions

September 6, 2016

Wireless technology has become increasingly common in today’s environment. We use it every day with our smartphones, remotes, and automated technologies, among so much more. But wireless tech can be confusing when you’re trying to choose the right technology, especially when it comes to home automation. This week, I’ll help by » Read More

Latest Speakers by Nuvo Fit Any Space, Application & Budget

June 23, 2016

Bring luxurious audio into your home by adopting the latest speaker technology from Nuvo, a leading manufacturer of professional-grade whole-home audio systems. Perfect for your home theater or any room included in your audio system, the just-released Nuvo Series Two, Four, and Six in-ceiling and in-wall frameless speakers give homeowners the » Read More

Meet Blumoo: The Ultimate Universal Remote

March 25, 2016

Replace your entire collection of home theater and audio system remotes with the Blumoo Universal Remote HomeBase. This simple device turns your smartphone or tablet into the ultimate universal remote by combining controls for all your A/V components (such as your TV, cable box, DVR player, XBox, etc.) into a single mobile app. Blumoo also allows » Read More

Channel Vision Can Now Play Music from Your Android Phone

January 21, 2016

The A-BUS and Crescendo audio systems from Channel Vision distribute superior sound quality, allowing for music, radio, and even intercom messages to be heard throughout your home on one connected system. Now, with the new Channel Vision On-Wall Dock for Android, you can also connect and stream audio from your Android phone to your Channel Vision » Read More

Nuvo P10 Keypad Adds Control with On-Wall Convenience

December 28, 2015

Nuvo has added a new in-wall controller to their wireless audio Player Portfolio, so you can enjoy easy-to-access control whenever you need it. Working in synchronicity with the Player app, the sleek and discreet Nuvo P10 Keypad offers in-wall control of a single zone of your Player Portfolio system so you can access your favorite sources, adjust » Read More