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How to Control Leviton Omni Systems with Amazon Alexa

November 3, 2017

The Leviton Omni Security and Automation Controller series is one of the tried-and-true workhorses of the home automation world since about 1985. Along with providing rock-solid security, it allows for control of the major systems in your home such as lighting, temperature control, access control and other automation functions. It is one of the » Read More

Home Automation with Outdoor Entertainment

June 2, 2017

When it comes to outdoor entertainment, using home automation devices to control lighting and music distribution is a great way to easily set the perfect ambiance when entertaining guests in your outdoor living spaces. Usually, when one thinks of having a smart home, the frontyard and backyard are areas typically relegated for outdoor security » Read More

Gateway to a Better Small Business: Lumina RF Ecosystem

July 27, 2015

Home Controls is excited to introduce the Lumina RF Ecosystem, available exclusively for our dealers. Created to serve the small commercial enterprise market, the Lumina RF Ecosystem can easily be installed as a new construction or retrofit system. Due to its energy management capabilities, any small business, from restaurants to retailers, will » Read More

Small Box, Big Performance: The BitWise BC4

July 20, 2015

The BitWise BC4, now part of the Leviton brand, is a one-room A/V controller perfect for new home-theater control projects or expanding an existing BC1 or BC2 control system. This system allows for comprehensive control over A/V equipment, unobtrusive installation, flawless integration, and an incredible amount of customization based on your » Read More

Leviton Debuts Lumina Wireless Energy Management Eco-System

April 1, 2015

Home Controls is pleased to announce the availability of the Lumina Gateway and related wireless Lumina RF energy management product family, including occupancy sensors, motion sensors, door and window contacts, light switches, thermostats and so much more. Lumina Gateway and its accompanying product family were designed specifically for » Read More