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Occupancy Sensors

How to Save More Energy Through Home Automation

February 9, 2017

Reduce energy consumption at home and and lower your monthly utility bill with the help of home automation technology. Forgetting to turn things off such as lights, televisions, and other various electronic devices is something we do everyday. As humans, we’re not perfect. In fact, we’re forgetful. Whether we’re trying to get our children » Read More

Save 25%: Leviton Universal Wall Switch Vacancy Sensors

November 6, 2014

Leviton and Home Controls are offering 25% off both Manual On Universal Wall Switch Vacancy Sensors (600W and 1800W versions). Now is a great opportunity to save money and save on your electric bill! Save on energy costs with a switch that automatically turns your lights off when the room is vacant. The Leviton Universal Wall Switch Occupancy » Read More