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Save Energy with Advanced Powerstrips!

September 17, 2012

Did you know that 75% Of Power Used By Electronics Is In Standby Mode! With advanced green technology, TrickleStar powerstrips conserve energy and reduce electricity costs. The TrickleStar 7 Outlet Powerstrip features power outlets that can sense when an individual plug-in component is turned off. While components that are turned on remain » Read More

Reduce Standby Power Consumptions from PC or TV

October 29, 2010

The Smart PowerTap provides high quality, advanced surge protection for a PC and TV and the peripherals. The Smart PowerTap also reduces the amount of vampire / standby energy consumed by PC and TV peripherals. The Smart PowerTapp has in-built current sensing circuitry with 2 different switching thresholds to sense when a Control Device (typically » Read More