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Super Low Current Siren From United Security

August 24, 2012

Portable and compact, the Mini Siren from United Security is the perfect “screamer” for today’s wireless alarm systems that have minimal siren output. Drawing 120mA at 12VDC, you can actually have as many as 8 sirens connected to an HAI, Elk M1, GE or Napco alarm panel (assuming 1000 mA outputs from the alarm panel). The siren’s » Read More

Be Notified By Phone When Your Security Alarm Goes Off!

November 2, 2011

United Security Products Automatic Dialers are a new generation of Security Communications and Notification equipment for the Security Professional. These devices automatically dial telephone numbers and delivers messages when triggered by an alarm system; a great way to be notified when your security system has been tripped! Small, Compact and » Read More

So cool! Minitature Portable Area Motion Detector

September 9, 2010

Talk about needing your personal space! Keep this portable gadget handy for security whenever you need it. The United Security Portable Area Motion Detector detects body heat and motion. When an intrusion is detected the detector emits a low siren for 5-10 seconds in alert mode or piercing siren sounds in alarm mode for up to 2 minutes. It » Read More